Leddar M16

  • Interface Name


  • Supported Since


  • Sensor Communication Protocol


  • PolySync Sensor Type


  • PolySync Configuration

    * [Define the node](https://help.polysync.io/releases/2.0.8//articles/add-a-sensor-node/) in the SDF Configurator
    * [Locate the CAN hardware and circuit identifiers](https://help.polysync.io/releases/2.0.8//articles/parse-can-hardware-and-circuit-identifiers)
    * Copy the hardware and circuit IDs into the nodes entry in the SDF Configurator “IO Parameters” section
    * [Run the Dynamic Driver interface](https://help.polysync.io/releases/2.0.8//articles/manually-starting-nodes/)

  • Driver Notes

    * Before it can be used with PolySync, several parameters must be set in the device’s firmware using the **manufacturer’s software**, “Leddar Configuration” (Windows only)
    * CAN data configuration must be set to extended frame format
    * Baud Rate must be set to 500kbps
    * Default Tx ID is 1872
    * Default Rx ID is 1856
    * Support for user defined Rx and Tx ID will be in a future release (allowing multiple M16’s on one CAN bus).

  • Input Message Types

    Input Message Type Input Message Note
    Native CAN message stored as ps_can_data_msg Default bit rate: 500K
  • Output Message Types

    Output Message Type Output Message Note
    ps_lidar_point_msg Lidar points
  • Command Line Arguments

    Flag Description
    -h Show this help message [optional]
    -o Enable output of log messages to stdout (in addition to syslog) [optional]
    -w Disable the hardware interface(s), allowing the node to run without hardware connected [optional]
    -r SDF runtime configuration key that specifies the domain to operated under, the default domain is used otherwise [optional]
    -n SDF node configuration key for the node [required]
    -i Use provided PAL interface file instead of what is stored in the SDF [optional]
    -e Export a JSON support string describing the interface, used by the SDF configuration tool [optional]
    -c Use provided CAN channel system index instead of what is stored in the SDF [optional]
    -t Perform a validation test on the Leddar M16 interface [optional]
  • Sensor Configuration Parameters

    Parameter ID Description Value Type Values Notes
    1001 Sensor 0 Identifier 1 1872
    1002 Sensor 0 X Position 3 0
    1003 Sensor 0 Y Position 3 0
    1004 Sensor 0 Z Position 3 0
    1005 Sensor 0 Roll Orientation 3 0
    1006 Sensor 0 Pitch Orientation 3 0
    1007 Sensor 0 Yaw Orientation 3 0
    3100 CAN arbitration Rx ID. CAN bus ID of the Ledder M16 device. 1 1856
    3200 CAN Channel Data Rate. Valid entries: 100, 125, 250,500,1000 1 500
    3300 CAN Channel Flags (0:std, 1:ext) 1 1
  • IO Configuration Parameters

    Parameter ID Description Value Type Values Notes
    400 CAN Channel 0 Hardware Identifier 1 0
    401 CAN Channel 0 Circuit Identifier 1 0
  • Node Configuration Parameters

    Parameter ID Description Value Type Values Notes
    800 Active Coordinate Frame Identifier 1 4
    42 PolySync-Abstraction-Layer Interface File Name 4 /usr/local/polysync/lib/libps_ledder_m16_interface.so
    40 Executable File Path 4 /usr/local/polysync/bin/polysync-dynamic-driver