Query For License Information

The status of a license can be checked by passing the _'-q'_ flag to the PolySync license tool: ```bash $ polysync-license-tool -q ``` The expected output with a fully authenticated license trial will be: ```bash $ polysync-license-tool -q ***************************** *** PolySync License Tool *** Host ID: '(Ethernet) XX7B9DXX0DXX' Installation Directory (PSYNC_HOME): '/usr/local/polysync' System Design File: '/usr/local/polysync/db/psync.sdf' Record and Replay Sessions Directory: '/usr/local/polysync/rnr_logs' IP Address: '' License Server: 'not used' License file specified in SDF: 'not used' Current license status: valid number of features in license file "no-file": 0 number of features in trusted storage: 0 number of features in trials storage: 1 1: pro 99.99 12-dec-2016 uncounted HOSTID=ANY START=12-dec-2015 Valid for acquisition Not valid for serving ***************************** ``` ```bash $ polysync-license-tool -h ```