Add A New Host

### 1. Start the SDF Configurator To add a new host to the SDF, start the SDF Configurator: ```bash $ polysync-sdf-configurator ``` ### 2. Add a new host Now, select the "+" in the bar at the top of the application (next to "Mule Laptop" in the image below).. ![Add a new Host]( Each host has metadata associated with it that must be set before any nodes can be started. * Name * Custom name to reference this host * Interface address * The IP address in the network that needs to be connected to * This address **must** exist on the local host for PolySync nodes to run * License file * Optional absolute path to a physical license file * Typically the license is stored in trusted storage, and this is "(null)" * Record & Replay directory * Directory to write your logfile sessions to, as well as the directory to search for existing logfile sessions