Studio is a plugin based application that provides visualization of data from the PolySync bus, and enables control of the PolySync Runtime state. PolySync also provides useful plugins such as: a 3D visualization environment, message trace for quick system or node validation, the System Hierarchy for runtime diagnostics and real-time parameter get/set, and a video plugin for image data and primitive data overlay. These all allow you to easily visualize and validate the data currently being published to the PolySync bus by other applications.


The tutorials section is where you get to see and use PolySync concepts and tools in action, showing what the PolySync platform is capable of through practical use cases.


There are numerous ways to configure a PolySync system. This section will provide you with articles that describe valid host and runtime node configurations, focusing on node configuration and network set up for single host and distributed systems.

Runtime State

PolySync nodes can operate in one of three runtime states─hardware, replay or standby. The easiest way to command nodes to into a runtime state is using PolySync Studio's [system state]( These articles explain how to command nodes into each state, and the prerequisites for doing so. Please be sure that your system is [properly configured]( before continuing in this section.


Once you're familiar with the main concepts introduced in the Getting Started and Tutorials section, learn how to set up a PolySync development environment here. All developers should have links to these resources, or know the information by heart.