System State

Studio provides a system state module to alert you when any errors are encountered on the system. System state observes the runtime hosts and nodes on the bus. Based on the runtime context—standby, record or replay, it reports the current status of all nodes. ![System state with background data]( ### Opening system state System state can be accessed at any time in Studio. The module is launched from the icon. ![Studio landing page - system state icon]( ### System state explained Observed errors are reported on the left half of the window. Hosts and nodes are shown in the system overview section on the right half. ![System state with one manger node and no errors]( There are five possible node statuses: * Hardware - Orange * Standby - Green * Replay - Blue * Error - Red * Unavailable - Grey #### Hardware - orange In this mode, the PolySync runtime is referencing the SDF in the system location: `polysync/db`. Note that the SDF is modified using the [SDF Configurator]( #### Standby - green This is the default runtime context when Studio starts. Nodes are ready to be instructed to start under the hardware context, or load a log session for replay. #### Replay - blue The node is actively replaying data. The active replay session is displayed in the control bar, and selected using the logfile manager playlist. #### Error - red The node is in an error state, which requires intervention in order to resolve. #### Unavailable - grey The node has been defined in the SDF, but is not detectable within the PolySync runtime.