Single Host Set Up

Feel free to use the default IP address:, AUTO, or select a static IP address from a private network. It is highly recommended to use the loopback interface with the IP address ``. The `-s` command acts to set the network interface address. ```bash $ polysync-manager -s ``` One requirement for PolySync nodes to discover each other on the loopback interface is to enable multicast. ```bash `$ sudo ifconfig lo multicast` ``` This is set persistently during the `` script during installation. ### PolySync IP address When using a static network, the DDS Discovery feature will search for other hosts through the defined Ethernet interface. If other hosts exist on these networks the PolySync bus will be shared, which means other host's data will be visible, and vice versa. For a single host system with a static IP address, the following command can be used: ```bash $ polysync-manager -s ``` #### SDF IP address Lastly, open the SDF Configurator to ensure that the SDF configuration matches the system network configuration. If there is a mismatch detected in the SDF, the Host Wizard will open. ```bash $ polysync-sdf-configurator ```