Run A Node

Nodes defined in the SDF Configurator are typically spawned by the PolySync manager, which can only spawn enabled nodes defined in the host's tab within the SDF Configurator. Once a node has been defined it can be run by itself, or alongside any subset of nodes defined in the SDF Configurator. ### 1. Single node To spawn a single node, you must first know the _node ID_ located in the upper-right corner of the SDF Configurator. The _node ID_ can then be used as an argument to the PolySync Dynamic Driver node. ```bash $ polysync-dynamic-driver -n 1 ``` Once the node has started to visualize its runtime status using [PolySync Studio's System Hierarchy](/articles/?p=924) plugin the output data from the node will be published to the PolySync bus. This allows other applications to access the data by subscribing to the message types output by the node. Debug and error output is written to the file PSYNC_HOME/polysync.log. ### 2. Start all enabled nodes To start all enabled nodes defined in the SDF Configurator, use the PolySync manager. ```bash $ polysync-manager -n ```