Parse The Sensor Identifier

Once a node has been defined in the SDF with the proper I/O configuration, the dynamic driver is used to parse the sensor identifier. This is then used to validate sensor data. If a Dynamic driver interface requires a sensor identifier, then the '-g' flag can be used. You can spawn a node from the command line by referencing the node ID found in the SDF Configurator. It's strongly recommended to start the PolySync manager before parsing the sensor identifier. ```bash $ polysync-manager $ polysync-dynamic-driver -n 1 -g ``` The information is written to both the terminal and the PolySync log file. You can 'tail' the log file to capture the output of the dynamic driver. ![Parse Sensor Identifier](/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/dynamic-driver.gif) ```bash $ tail -f $PSYNC_HOME/polysync.log ``` After you've obtained the sensor identifier, you can update the node configuration in the SDF Configurator. ![SDF Configurator with Sensor Identifier](/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/SDF-Configurator_002.png)