Exporting Recorded Data (2.0-pr.7)

PolySync data can be recorded on a system with one or more hosts, and replayed on any other system with one or more hosts. To export a logfile session from a system: * For distributed systems with 2+ hosts, consolidate the logfiles to a single machine * Copy the SDF used during recording * Compress and copy the data ### 1. Distributed systems The logfile session(s) located on each host defined in the System Design File (SDF) need to be consolidated to a single machine. Each host has meta-data in the SDF that defines the directory for nodes to read and write data to. ![SDF Configurator RnR Directory](https://help.polysync.io/releases/2.0.7//wp-content/uploads/2016/08/sdf-conf-rnr-directory.png) For each host, navigate to this directory and copy all logfile session(s) to a central ECU. ### 2. SDF for replay The SDF used during recording─which is synchronized across all hosts during recording─must be stored with the logfile archive. **The SDF is required to replay data** on another system. ### 3. Export the logfile session Compress the logfile session(s), along with the SDF on the central ECU. The compressed archive can be [imported to another system for replay](/articles/?p=780)