API Documentation

[API documentation](http://docs.polysync.io/) details all messages, types, functions, and constants that are used in PolySync applications. You can write applications using one or both of the C and C++ APIs. There are many APIs that contribute to the creation of an autonomous vehicle. | API | Description | | --------- | ----------------- | | Core | The core header file **must be included** in all PolySync applications. | | Message | Publish and subscribe messages to the PolySync bus. | | SDF | Access the sensor and host parameters stored in the SDF. | | Node | Implementation of the node-template, manage the node's state machine. | | Node Template | Defines the node's state machine and main entry/exit points to PolySync. | | Host | Access to runtime information about the local ECU. | | Logfile | Handles read/write operations for runtime nodes that conform to the Record & Replay API. | | Record & Replay | Instruct runtime nodes to perform Logfile API routines, such as reading and writing sensor data. | | Shared Memory | Interface to shared memory I/O utilities. | | Transform | Perform linear transformations on coordinate frames, through a transform stack. | | Socket | Device API to connect to an Ethernet socket. | | CAN | Device API to connect to a CAN channel. | | Serial | Device API to create a serial connection. | | Video | Device API with Gstreamer implementation to connect to a video device, and encode/decode image data. | ### API documentation You can find access to the most recent API documentation [here](http://docs.polysync.io/).